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Proof Syrup

Proof Syrups are the perfect addition to your next cocktail. Instead of the hassle of getting simple syrup, bitters, or citrus oils, get everything you need in one. Simply add to your favorite liquor and enjoy a perfect tasting cocktail. Up to 32 servings per bottle. Can be combined with wines for $5 shipping.

Cool and invigorating minty freshness. Try in a mojito, julep or with gin.

Brighty and fruity orange flavors. Try in an Old Fashioned or mixed with vodka.

Nutty flavors balanced with a perfect amount of sweetness. Try mixed with rum or whiskey.

Tastes like fall in a bottle! Try in an Old Fashioned or a hot toddy or mixed with eggnog.

Perfect for the classic Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

Fruity and sweet peach flavors. Try in a bellini, daiquiri or mixed with vodka.

Nutty and sweet with hints of vanilla. Try in a rum & coke, Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

Floral sweetness with herbal notes. Try mixed with tequila, vodka, or gin.

Rich and smoky sweet. Try in a Manhattan or mixed with tequila.