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Dry reds, sweet roses, to sweet & dry whites, cider, and juices - we have something for everyone. Use the filters below to find the perfect wine for you and use our wine finder to locate our wines in stores nearest to you.

Nancie Oxley

I pour my heart and soul into every bottle.

Nancie Oxley

A sweet finish with pure blackberry flavors.

Flavors of pear & mango overlay a crisp acid structure that focuses the wine & leads to a long, satisfying finish.

Michigan Blueberry Wine!

Aromas of orange blossoms, mango and apricots lead to a green apple and grassy finish. 

Plum, raspberry & exotic spice aromas. Creamy vanilla-scented oak, currant & brambleberry flavors.

Chocolate covered espresso beans, sweet cherries & vanilla aromas. Ripe currant, black raspberry & Bing cherry flavor. Aged 100% in Michigan Oak

Blended from two vineyards in Southwest Michigan; this Chardonnay is the perfect combination of creamy & refreshing.

Tangy caramelized apple & apricot notes lead into a long mineral accent which fades nicely on the palate.

A full-bodied dessert wine with flavors of pineapple chutney, honeyed lychee, and a caramelized pear finish.

A delicious, elegant wine that will taste beautiful now or save for a few years.

Black raspberry, brambleberry & currant aromas. Smooth, vanilla-scented oak, polished black cherry & berry flavors

Velvety raspberry, cherry & dark plum fruit surrounded by hints of cinnamon & white truffles. 

A gentle, floral wine with vibrant flavors of white peach, pineapple, & nectarine.

Crisp acidity is accompanied by flavors of mango, white peach, & tropical fruit lingering with a hint of fresh cut grass.

Flavors of pepper, grilled berries, boysenberry pie, and dried fig.  

Exotic mango & lemon zest aromas with flavors of white peach, & apricot.

A mild berry, fresh fruit taste with just the right amount of the famous spicy Catawba grape sweetness.

Currant, black cherry, caramel, & chocolaty aromas. A rich, ripe entry leads to a slightly sweet finish with good depth of fruit & is integrated well with elegant grape brandy.

100% Michigan Cherry Wine!

The Cock of the Walk is the ultimate Michigan red wine experience.

A classic, juicy, and refreshing wine from fresh Concord grape juice.

The perfect combination of sweet and tart. Drink by itself or add Vodka for a wonderful cocktail.​

Hints of citrus with flavors of juicy peach & ripe apricots and mango. Sweet White wine! 

Captures the true essence of fresh Michigan apples and cherries!

Made from Golden Delicious&Gala apples, this is the true essence of fresh Michigan Apple Cider! 

Strawberry-cherry aromas & very fruity flavors. Historically Delicious! 

Deliciously sweet red, nicely balanced with luring flavors cinnamon, plums and clove.

A wine created with love, to help all of you tired, stressed, busy people get through the crazy holiday season. ​

Taste Michigan fruit at its finest.​

Taste Michigan fruit at its finest.


Taste Michigan fruit at its finest.

Taste Michigan fruit at its finest.

A sweet red with flavors of raspberry, plum and blackberry.This light and refreshing wine will brighten things up!

A succulently sweet sparkling with flavors of tropical peach & citrus.

Refreshing flavors of grapes and berries balanced with the perfect amount of sweetness.

Moscato-like characteristics with flavors of exotic fruit and crisp acidity.

Moscato-like characteristics with flavors of exotic fruit and crisp acidity.​

The perfect blend of semi-dry and sparkling. Great for a mimosa!

Chocolate, wine, cream and mint!  Think Andes Mints!  Delicious alone, in coffee or over ice.  

Resembles rich & creamy chocolate milk with vanilla aromas, the taste of Irish Crème, &the goodness of wine.

Dry, yet impeccably balanced, this wine bursts with flavors of passion fruit, honeyed peach and tangy citrus fruits.

A fresh, juicy grape flavor that leads to a lightly sweet finish.

This sweet white is bursting with tropical tangerine, peach, and apricot with luscious floral on the nose.

Captures the essence of classic American grapes.

Fresh berry and citrus flavors. Delicious and refreshing!

A Kosher; traditional Concord sweet red wine.

Mingles layers of dark cherries, wild berries, raspberries & with a bit of plum.

A balance of ripe concentrated peach, citrus, honey & melon.

 A classic late harvest style wine, with tangerine and apricot flavors. Aromas of citrus, stone fruit, and honey.

Aromas of Honeydew & Anjou pear lead to a medium-bodied palate with Honeycrisp apple flavors.​

Elegantly fruity aromas of papaya, peach custard, and honey
This Riesling seems crisp and light, yet packs intense flavors of super ripe peach, mango, lemon zest and mineral. 

Honey & peach aromas lead to apricot, green apple & citrus finish

A sweet Rosé with floral aromas, notes of ruby red grapefruit, and flavors of strawberry, candy, and watermelon.

Butterscotch & pecan aromas; A sweet entry leads to a rounded, lush taste of hazelnut & almond.
A sparking Traminette with flavors of peach, pineapple, and lemon zest.

Tropical passion fruit & peach juices are blended to create a bubbly packed with flavor.

Fresh grape with aromas of cherries and berries. Sweet Revenge is best served cold. ​

Fresh grape with aromas of cherries and berries. Sweet Revenge is best served cold. ​​

Passion fruit and peach flavors with a touch of citrus.

Alluring flavors of caramel intertwined with apple, butterscotch, and nutmeg. 80 Proof
Only available in store.

Lively fruity aroma with flavors of cherry jam on raisin toast. 80 Proof
Only available in store.

Bold, citrusy aromas of lemon, cream, piney juniper & herb melange. 80 proof
Only available in store.

Aged brandy made from Chardonnay, Pinot Gris & Vidal Blanc grapes. Aromas of vanilla, hazelnut & butterscotch.  80 Proof​
Only available in store.

Sweet smells of vanilla bean and carrot-cake with a sweet creamy finish. A delicious sipper. 80 Proof
Only available in store.

100% grape spirit distilled & filtered five times to achieve its smooth texture & rich palate. 
Only available in store.

Original Family Recipe. A complete red wine vinegar salad dressing. Low in calories!

Refreshing Blueberry with a perfect amount of Pomegranate!

Raspberries brought to ideal ripeness, crushed and carbonated to the delight of young and old alike!

This classic American juice from 100% Concord grapes.

This American classic from 100% Niagara grapes is fruity and sweet. 

Raspberries and Blackberries mixing together.