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You can earn loyalty points for every time you purchase something online or in our tasting rooms. Wine Club members receive 4 points for every dollar spent, and non-members receive 2 points. Save up your points then redeem them for St. Julian e-gift cards! Be sure to log in to start saving your points.

Due to strict liquor laws, redeeming your points must be a two-step process. We cannot use the points directly on the purchase of alcohol, they must first be used on the purchase of an e-gift card, that can then be used on future purchases.

First you will need to put an e-gift card into your cart. You can get one $10 e-gift card for 1000 points ($10 e-gift card for every $250 spent). Make sure that your email address is in the shipping email field as e-gift cards get emailed to the shipping email. When you go to the payment information on the checkout page, select to use your loyalty points as the payment method for the e-gift card. You are welcome to save your points and purchase $50 or $100 gift e-gift cards as well! Then you will be emailed an e-gift card code that you can use on a separate purchase. This code can be used online or in the tasting rooms! If you have any difficulties or further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.