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Introducing the Shore to Door Discount Group!

Free to join, our Shore to Door Discount Group gives you a discount on all your orders of our award-winning wines from the Lake Michigan Shore delivered to your door. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing your own wines, plus a discount on all wine, merchandise, and shipping. Discount group members are automatically charged $15 a month which becomes a $15 credit on their account to use towards purchases. Learn more and join below to start saving today!

*Some exclusions apply. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

"I frequently order online so I was SO excited to hear about the Shore to Door group! The discount group pays for itself since the only fee goes directly towards wine purchases. I highly recommend!

Julie D.
Frankfort, KY

"I love the flexibility of ordering anytime, any quantity, and discounts on ALL my orders shipped right to my door! If you are a repeat customer, you are truly missing out if you don't join the discount group."

Steve T.
Colorado Springs, CO

Shore to Door Discount group BENEFITS*

  • Free to Join
  • 15% Off All Your Orders
  • 20% Off When You Purchase 12+ Bottles
  • 60% Off Standard Shipping Rates or $0.01 Shipping When You Order in Increments of 12
  • 10% Off Merchandise
  • 25% Off During our Case Sales
  • Automatic Charge of $15 on the 15th of Every Month Which Becomes a $15 Credit on Your Account to Use Towards Purchases
  • Choose Your Wines from Award-Winning Dry Wines to Fun and Exciting Sweet Wines
  • No Order Minimum or Quantity Restrictions
  • Order Any Time and Receive Your Discount, or Let Your Credits Accumulate and Order at Your Convenience
  • Earn Loyalty Points on Every Purchase (Points Can be Redeemed for e-gift cards)
  • How to Apply Credits: at Checkout, Select CREDIT for your Payment Method, then click Apply. 


Questions About the Shore to Door Discount group? Contact us!

Wine Club vs. Shore to Door

*Subject to change. Some exclusions may apply. Cannot be combined with any other offer.