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Our Forbidden Fruit Hard Ciders are made from fruit grown exclusively in Michigan. The perfect balance of tart, crisp and sweet, these ciders are so refreshing and so good it's sssinful. 

24 cans of hard cider with bright, crisp, and refreshing flavors of watermelon and apple.

24 cans of sweet and fruity hard cider with flavors of fresh pineapple. The perfect balance of sweet, crisp, and tart.

24 cans of hard cider crafted from golden delicious and gala apples.

24 cans of crisp hard cider crafted from Michigan apples. 6 Original, 6 Cherry, and 12 Black & Blue Cider.

24 cans of cherry hard cider made from Golden Delicious apples and Montmorency cherries.

24 cans of hard cider crafted from 100% Michigan apples, and the finest berries.