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St. Julian's portfolio continues to grow and adapt. Shop our different brands and collections to find your new favorite! Our collection includes unique wine and cider brands for sale.

Sweet, barrel-aged red with notes of strawberry, black tea, and blackberry jam.

Fuller bodied dry white blend with great acidity and hints of florals, apple, and lemon

Luscious, dry, medium-bodied white. Aromas of cantaloupe and pineapple with flavors of apricot, pear, and honey.

Dry, medium-bodied red with balanced tannins. Aromas of fig, tobacco, and cedar with flavors of blackberry, cocoa, and black tea.

Medium-bodied semi-sweet with aromas of dried apricot, golden raisin, and flavors of pineapple, pear, and apricot

Luscious dry red with high tannins and flavors of vanilla, cocoa, and blackberry.

24 cans of hard cider with bright, crisp, and refreshing flavors of watermelon and apple. *Not applicable for penny shipping.

24 cans of sweet and fruity hard cider with flavors of fresh pineapple. The perfect balance of sweet, crisp, and tart. *Not applicable for penny shipping.

Easy-drinking dry rosé with crisp acidity, aromas of strawberry shortcake and flavors of raspberry, lemon, and strawberry.

Light-bodied dry rosé with aromas of strawberries and tea leaf and flavors of raspberry and white peach.

Medium-bodied dry cap drain blend with 

Medium-bodied dry rosé with crisp flavors and racy acidity