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12 cans of our Social Butterfly Rosé

4 cans of Sangria, 4 cans of Sweet Revenge, and 4 cans of Social Butterfly.  

12 cans of Sweet Revenge

12 cans of of our Red Sangria

This medium-bodied, sweet wine has aromas of strawberry, bubble gum, and red raspberry with fun flavors of bubble gum and strawberry.

A sweet Rosé with floral aromas, notes of ruby red grapefruit, and flavors of strawberry, candy, and watermelon.

This sweet white is bursting with tropical tangerine, peach, and apricot with luscious floral on the nose.

A sweet red with flavors of raspberry, plum and blackberry. This light and refreshing wine will brighten things up!

A sumptuous, delicious late harvest wine!