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4 perfectly paired sweet wines and chocolates.

4 perfectly paired dry wines and chocolates.

Bella Bee is a sweet honey-flavored wine with hints of peach blossom and honeycomb. ​

Honey & peach aromas lead to apricot, green apple & citrus finish.

A dry yet super refreshing and fruity, crowd pleasing sipper.

The perfect combination of sweet and tart. Drink by itself or add Vodka for a wonderful cocktail.​

 A classic late harvest style wine, with tangerine and apricot flavors. Aromas of citrus, stone fruit, and honey.

This Riesling seems crisp and light, yet packs intense flavors of super ripe peach, mango, lemon zest and mineral. 

Original Family Recipe. Low in calories! Great for salads, marinades, dips, and more!

Jam-packed with tangy & juicy apricot, citrus marmalade & honey. A rich & flavorful wine that is dessert in a glass.

Aged 100% in French Oak