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A deliciously sweet spiced apple wine.

Medium-bodied, smooth with nice acid. Aromas of apple and peach, with flavors of lemon zest and passionfruit. 

This sweet bubbly has flavors of tart cranberry and apple, with aromas of cranberry, apple and cherry.

Easy drinking, semi-sweet red with aromas of raspberry, plum, and cranberry, and aromas of raspberry and fig.

A peach bubbly in collaboration with Bronconess – a wine brand created and operated by Leadership and Business Strategy students to honor the spirit of Western Michigan University Broncos.

Aromas of soft-serve strawberry ice cream with flavors of tropical punch and bubble gum.

Sparkling wine with fresh raspberry flavors.

A semi-sweet white wine made with the Cayuga varietal.

This medium-bodied, sweet wine has aromas of strawberry, bubble gum, and red raspberry with fun flavors of bubble gum and strawberry.

Refreshing and bright dry bubbly rosé.

Medium-bodied with aromas of spiced herbs and red berries, and flavors of pepper, dried fig, and boysenberry.

A succulently sweet sparkling with flavors of tropical peach & citrus.