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Michigan Wine Club

Personal attention to detail is the hallmark of St. Julian Winery’s Wine Club. We’ve been in the wine business longer than most, so we know what our members expect—premium wines, great pricing, and exclusive access not available to the general public.

Our Wine Club Director

Cassandra has been with the St. Julian Winery family since 2013. She loves good food and wine, and she enjoys getting to know people above all else. Cassandra has a passion for pairing the perfect selection of wines with the right person, and she is available to answer any questions you may have throughout the wine club process.


Wine Club Options

We offer three selections to get each member started. These offerings provide a unique chance to sample limited editions and partake in many exclusive wines including our Braganini Reserve line.

Vineyard Select

One of our most popular membership options, Vineyard Select gives members a broad sampling of our fine wines.  Selections can be made for two, four, or six bottles every quarter.  The Vineyard Select Club not only highlights the Braganini Reserve wines, but also all our dry wines and the occassional specialty wine, made solely for our Wine Club Members. Love ‘em dry and full flavored? Vineyard Select is for you!


Sweet Harvest

The Sweet Harvest selection is guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth. Quarterly shipments are packed with bottles of sweet varietals, blends, and dessert style wines and shipped directly to your door or picked up at one of our locations. As a member, you gain access to pre-release and limited bottling of rare, small lot batches. Braganini Reserve wines occasionally make an appearance in our Sweet Harvest Club, empowering this to be one of the finest sweet wine collections you will receive.


Perfectly Paired

Perfectly Paired combines the best of both worlds, pairing both dry and sweet wines into your quarterly shipment. This membership is a wonderful addition to any wine cellar and it gives our members full advantage to taste all that our vineyards have to offer.  Discover a wine variety perfectly balanced for the undecided palate, made with pride by our Winemaker.

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Get started as a member of the wine club today and receive special access to the exclusive newsletter! To learn more about our quality wines and the tastes you can expect with Wine Club Membership, find a location near you.