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Effective: 4/17/2017


St. Julian Bulk Pricing

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(Shipped in Bond)

Type/Variety $/Gallon1  Sale Price
Apple Cider (Dry) $4.99  
Catawba Sold Out  
Chambourcin Sold Out
Chancellor Sold Out
Chardonel Sold Out
Cherry $9.99  
Concord (Dry) $5.99  
DeChaunac Sold Out
Foch Sold Out
Frontenac Sold Out  
Fruity Dry White $7.49  
Niagara $5.99  
Riesling $10.99  
Rougeon Sold Out  
Rose (Dry) Sold Out
Seyval blanc Sold Out
Simply Red Base (Foch, DeChaunac, Rougeon) $6.49 $6.19
ST. J Red (Chambourcin, Chancellor, Red vinifera) $8.49  
ST. J White (Seyval, Vidal, Chardonel) $8.25  
Traminette Sold Out
Vidal blanc Sold Out
Vignoles Sold Out
High Proof (NSFG - Neutral Spirit Fruit Grape)2 $21.99 /wg
2 Minimum order size does not apply. For High Proof customers must arrange their own pickup / shipping method.

(Single strength - held at 32°F)

Catawba Sold Out
Concord $4.99
Niagara $4.99

IBC - Intermediate Bulk Container

110 Gallon $115
220 Gallon $187
330 Gallon $286
330 IBC require special pallet ($30)
275 Gallon Plastic Tote w/ Cage - 2nd fill food grade $199
Spacekraft Plastic Tote w/ Cage

Additional Fees

Order filled outside of scheduled time $100 per tote / IBC
Unscheduled Pickup $100 per tote / IBC
Dirty Tote Penalty $100 per tote / IBC

Prices and availability are subject to change.  All prices reflect Cash payment (Check, ACH, or Wire).
Prices quoted valid for 30 days from the date of quote; subject to product availability.


Shipping Schedule

50% deposit REQUIRED prior to filling/loading all orders.
Deposit Date Shipping
(No later than the 25th of the month) (1st half of the month)
January February
February March
March April
April May
May June
June July
July August
No shipping during the months of September & October due to harvest.


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