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Sweet red blend with aromas and flavors of cranberry, eucalyptus, and orange peel

Pronounced "blahw-frahn-keesh," this dry red wine offers elegant aromas and flavors of blackberry, cherry, and dark chocolate.

This sweet red wine will remind you of biting into a real peanut butter and jelly sandwich! *Does not contain peanut allergens.

Luscious dry red with high tannins and flavors of vanilla, cocoa, and blackberry.

Sweet red blend with flavors of blueberry, eucalyptus, and raspberry.  

12 cans of Sweet Revenge. 2 cans = 1 bottle of wine! *$10 shipping per 12 pack. Does not apply for $5 shipping.

Full-bodied, tannic and bold dry red with flavors of black cherry, red raspberry, plum and currant

Lightly oaked red blend that is dry, yet surprisingly refreshing

A silky, supple entry leads to a fruity medium body of super ripe black raspberry and cherry flavors in this elegant dry red

A sweet red wine blend with rich cherry and grape jam aromas. Crisp acidity with a refreshingly tart finish.

Medium-bodied, fruit-forward, dry red blend that celebrates how awesome Michigan is!

Fresh grape, rich cherry, and strawberry flavors combine in this semi-sweet red with an ode to Detroit.