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A gallon of St. Julian Sanitizer

We are producing ethanol-based sanitizer to help our communities in the battle against Covid-19. 

The federal government has allowed us to make ethanol-based sanitizer. This sanitizer is approved by the World Health Organization and is 80% ethanol alcohol with peroxide, glycerin, and water. This type of sanitizer is not a gel, nor does it have fragrance added to it. It is safe to use on your hands. This sanitizer is currently available in 1 gallon bottles (as pictured).

1-100 Bottles - Pickup & Shipping 

Looking to order more than 100 gallons? Please inquire here.


What is this type of sanitizer?

This is institutional-style sanitizer and is WHO approved for hygienic hand antisepsis as well as pre-surgical hand preparation. It is not a gel and has no fragrance added. It will work in a spray bottle as it has a watery consistency. It can be used to sanitize surfaces and is safe to use on your hands.

Is the sanitizer available now?

We are working hard to keep up with demand so we ask that the general public keep orders to 50 units or less. We will have units available for pickup at all tasting rooms & shipping.

Can we order in excess of 100 Gallons?

We are also working to fill larger orders to essential businesses and will fulfill those as quickly as possible. Orders placed through the form will be fulfilled as we get them produced.

Can you ship?

We can now ship!  Thank you for your patience as we source material and regulations for shipping.  Zone shipping rates will apply for every 1-2 bottles. 

Can I pick it up?

YES! Curbside pickup is available at all 6 tasting rooms. Once you order online we will send you a confirmation ticket with information for picking up the sanitizer. Pickup Instructions here.

Why are you charging for shipping on this product, but not your wine during this time?

Sanitizer is not what we do, but we felt a calling to help in anyway we could.  We are producing as much as we can to sell as cheaply as possible to those who need it. At this price point, we are able to keep the people making it employed and cover our overhead on the material. Subsidizing the shipping on this product would make this project unsustainable for us at this time. 

Will smaller bottles be available?

We are working on it, and we will update this page if/when that option becomes available.

I represent a distillery and we want to make sanitizer, do you supply High Proof Spirits?

Yes we do! Distilleries looking to help out and needing to purchase High Proof can inquire here.