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Wine & Spirits

(Shipped in bond)

Type/Variety $/Gallon1 Sale Price
Red Wines
Chambourcin $8.49  
Chancellor $8.49  
Concord (Dry) $5.99  
DeChaunac $6.99  
Foch Sold Out  
Frontenac $7.49  
Rougeon Sold Out  
Simply Red Base (Foch, DeChaunac, Rougeon) $6.49  
ST. J Red (Chambourcin, Chancellor, Red vinifera) $8.75  
White Wines
Cayuga $7.49  
Chardonel $7.49  
Fruity Dry White $7.49  
Niagara $5.99  
Riesling $10.99  
Seyval blanc $7.49 $6.99
ST. J White (Seyval, Vidal, Chardonel) $8.75  
Traminette Sold Out  
Vidal blanc $7.49  
Vignoles $7.99  
Pink Wines
Catawba Sold Out  
Rose (Dry) $7.49  
Fruit Wines
Apple Cider (Dry) Under 7% ABV $5.49  
Cherry $9.99 $5.49
High Proof (NSFG - Neutral Spirit Fruit Grape)2 $21.99 /wg 

(Single strength - held at 32°F)

Type/Variety $/Gallon1 Sale Price
Catawba Sold Out  
Concord $4.99  
Niagara $4.99  
IBC - Intermediate Bulk Container
Type/Variety PRICE Sale Price
110 Gallon $119  
220 Gallon $209  
330 Gallon
*330 IBC require special pallet ($30)
Additional Fees
Type Price Sale Price
Order filled outside of scheduled time $100 per tote / IBC  
Unscheduled Pickup $100 per tote / IBC  
Dirty Tote Penalty $100 per tote / IBC  

1 Minimum order size does not apply. For High Proof customers must arrange their own pickup / shipping method.

2 Prices and availability are subject to change.  All prices reflect Cash payment (Check, ACH, or Wire).
Prices quoted valid for 30 days from the date of quote; subject to product availability.