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Q: When will my bulk order ship?
A: Orders ship in the first half of the month with the exception of Sept. & Oct. (due to harvest)

Q: Can I pick-up my bulk  order?
A: Yes. Orders are available to pick-up within 48 hours of crush/press. To schedule a pickup date / time email:

Q: What is the minimum for bulk orders?
A: 100 gallons.

Q: What container sizes are available for bulk purchases?
A: We offer Spacekraft IBCs in: 110 Gallons, 220 Gallons, 330 Gallons or 5,500 Gallons (tanker load)

Q: Can I use my own container for bulk purchases?
A: Yes. Containers must be clean and ready to fill, 100% seal-able and at least 100 gallons in size. We do not fill plastic drums or barrels. Additional fees will apply if cleaning is needed.

Q: How do I pay for my bulk order?
A: Check, ACH, & Wire are preferred methods of payment. We also accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover but an additional rate will apply. A 50% deposit MUST be received prior to filling any order and due to MI law the remaining balance of the order MUST be paid in full before the product leaves our facility.

Q: What is the minimum Custom Crush order?
A: Membrane - 5 Tons, Flash Détente - 5 Tons Hot Press - 10 tons

Q: What is the Custom Crush schedule?
A: We schedule within the normal harvest parameters in conjunction with the St. Julian schedule

Q: What is the minimum order for Custom Fermentation?
A: 5,000 gallon minimum is required. 

Q: Do you offer analysis of my wine?
A: Yes. Check our website for a complete list of analyses and pricing.