' St. Julian Winery - Is it Right for Me?

Is it Right for Me?

The Wine Club Right For You If...

  • You would like to expand your wine palate with exclusive wines chosen for you based on your taste profile.
    • If you prefer to pick your own wines; the club is not for you.

  • You enjoy learning about wines and having access to special events, products, and personalized services.
    • If you are only interested in receiving discounts; the club is not for you.  Discounts are just icing on the cake.

  • You are able to receive your automatically charged wines every 3 months.  Either by visiting one of our tasting rooms or having your wines shipped where someone 21+ can sign for them.  These can be shipped to a home, work, friend or FedEx shipping center.
    • If you cannot make it to the tasting room or cannot ship to where someone 21+ can sign; the club is not for you.
Historical Image From Wine Club - St. Julian Winery

If you answer YES to all the questions the Wine Club is right for you!

Join the club.
Savor the benefits.