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A & G Gin

Bold, citrusy aromas of lemo oil, cream, piney juniper & herb melange.  80 proof

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Tasting Notes

Bold, citrusy aromas of lemon oil and cream, piney juniper, and herb melange lead to a finish with an amazingly powerful and intense lemon zest and wet limestone flavors. This intense old world style gin is packed with flavor for the boldest of cocktails as well as a refreshing delight over ice.

Production Notes

Gin is the original flavored vodka, a clear spirit that is flavored with juniper berries and several botanicals (a varied assortment of herbs and spices). The spirit base of A&G Gin is grape based, which results in a medium-bodied spirit. The chief flavoring agent in gin is the highly aromatic blue-green berry of the juniper, a low-slung evergreen bush (genus Juniperus) that is commercially grown in northern Italy, Croatia, the United States and Canada. All gin producers use a secret combination of additional botanicals (ranging from as few as four to as many as 15 or more) to produce their style of gin. Many top-quality gins are flavored in a unique manner and are referred to as 'London Dry Gins'. After one or more distillations the base spirit is redistilled one last time. During this final distillation the alcohol vapor wafts through a chamber in which the dried juniper berries and botanicals are suspended. The vapor gently extracts aromatic and flavoring oils and compounds from the berries and spices as it travels through the chamber on its way to the condenser. The resulting flavored spirit has a noticeable degree of complexity.
Varietal Variety of Botanticals
Acid 1.73
PH 5.69
Alcohol % 40
Size 750 ml