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Moo Low

Sweet - Dessert
Rich & creamy, chocolate and vanilla aromas. Resembles chocolate milk, yet has the familiar taste of Irish Crème.

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MooLow Brownies

$14.99 per Bottle

Tasting Notes

Rich and creamy, this Moo-Low resembles chocolate milk in the bottle, yet has the familiar taste of a luscious Irish Crème. The delicious creamy vanilla sweetness perfectly compliments the smooth, decadent chocolate flavors that follow through to a rich, velvety finish, which are satisfying to the last sip. Savor this "Wholesome Goodness" chilled on its own, complimenting a cocktail or have a splash in your coffee for a nightcap!

Winemaker Notes

As a small batch of artisanal wine, all the components of this wine are blended to perfection to make this unique product. In order to create this hand-crafted wine chocolate, red wine and cream are combined through numerous steps to generate a product that is smooth and rich in texture where chocolate flavors linger on the finish


Chocolate, Cheesecake, Pastries, Coffee
Wine Style Dessert & Fortified Wines
Acid 1.4
PH 7.60
Aging Freshly Milked
Residual Sugar 15
Alcohol % 14
Size 750 ml