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Sweet - White
Accented by flavors of pineapple chutney and honeyed lychee, the silky-sweet, lush, full body dessert wine finishes with a caramelized pear accented.
$19.99 per Bottle
Sweet - White
Tangy caramelized apple & apricot notes lead into a long mineral accent that fade nicely on the palate.
$19.99 per Bottle
Sweet - White
Hints of citrus with flavors of juicy peach & ripe apricots and mango. Sweet White wine!
$9.99 per Bottle
Sweet - White
Passion fruit and peach flavors with a touch of citrus.

$7.49 per Bottle
Sweet - White
Pineapple, tropical fruit, & woodruff aromas with a subtle accent.

$12.99 per Bottle
Sweet - White
Jam-packed with tangy & juicy apricot, citrus marmalade & honey.  A delicious, richy flavorful wine that is simply dessert in a glass. 41.1 brix at harvest.
$24.99 per Bottle
Sweet - White
Fresh grape taste & a lightly sweet finish.
$7.99 per Bottle
Sweet - Fruit
Sweet peach candy aromas followed by ripe peach flavors
$11.99 per Bottle
Sweet - White
Beautifully balanced carmelized pineapple and honeysuckle flavors.
$15.99 per Bottle
Semi-Sweet - White
Mango & apricot with a lingering after taste of tropical fruit.
$8.99 per Bottle