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Private Labeling

Private labeled bottles of St. Julian wine make special gifts and treasured keepsakes. Whether it's to give as a memorable wedding favor, a unique greeting, or you just want your name on your very own bottle of wine, private labeled wines are always a great choice!

Many premade designs below are customizable. We also offer custom creations based on your occasion and your own inspiration. This service is offered year round, for any occasion, or for no occasion in particular! 

Private Label Wines - St. Julian Winery

Private Labeling:

Minimum Order is 1 case (12 bottles).
Please allow a minimum of 14 days for processing.

For Inquires Click Here.

Design Setup (includes first case) $20.00
Additional Cases

Michigan Brut Champagne

(Dry - Sparkling)

Sweet Nancie Peach
(Sweet - Sparkling)

  Red Heron
(Semi-Sweet - Red)

Simply Red

(Semi-Dry - Red)

To get started with your private label order, please fill out an inquiry here or call 800.732.6002 ext 226.

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