' St. Julian Winery - Ice Wine

Ice Wine - Vidal blanc (375mL)

Sweet - White
Jam-packed with tangy & juicy apricot, citrus marmalade & honey.  A delicious, richy flavorful wine that is simply dessert in a glass. 41.1 brix at harvest.
$14.99 per Bottle

Tasting Notes

Aromas of peach compote, golden raisin and spicy custard follow through with a silky-sweet full body. This Ice Wine is jam-packed with tangy, juicy apricot, citrus marmalade and honey accented flavors. A delicious, stylish and richly flavorful ice wine that is a dessert in a glass.


Chocolate, Brie Cheese, Cookies, Pastries and Cakes, Vanilla Ice Cream
Wine Style Dessert
Varietal Vidal Blanc
Appellation Lake Michigan Shore
Acid 10
Residual Sugar 19.5
Alcohol % 12
Size 750 ml