' St. Julian Winery - FAQs



Can I choose my own wines?

Our Wine Club is designed to highlight limited edition products; you can select the type of club you would like to be in, but not exact bottles.

Can I swap my wines?

Wine club selections are chosen by our President and Winemaker; with the best intentions of sharing our limited edition & award winning products. If by chance the product you receive is not one of your favorites, please share with a friend. Remember wine always makes a perfect gift.

When will my card be charged and will I be notified?

You will be notified via email approximately two weeks before the next shipment with all the information regading your upcoming Wine Club allocation. Your card will be usually be charged within the first 5 business days of a wine club month (February, May, August and November). Once your order has been charged you will receive a receipt via email.

Can I ship these to my work?

Yes, most definitely! As selections do require an adult signature, please confirm with your employer.

Do I need to sign for my wines?

Yes.  It's the law that any alcohol needs to be signed for by a non-intoxicated Adult, 21 years of age or older.  If you are unable to sign for your package, your wines will be returned to the winery.  We will gladly reship your package, however, we will have to pass on the cost of reshipping to you.

Can I change my delivery options?

Yes!  Wines can be shipped or picked up and this can change from quarter to quarter. We can always delay shipment if you will not be available to sign for the wines.  Will call wines are availabe at any time, once they are charged.  We will hold your wines for up to 6 months.  After this time, unclaimed wines may be donated to a local charity. In order to guarantee your preference, changes need to be made 30 days prior to a wine club shipment. You may make these changes online at www.stjulian.com or by contacting Cassandra at 1.800.732.6002 ext. 785.

How do I edit my account information?

Sign in to you account by clicking Login in the upper right of any page or by clicking here.  Due to time sensitivity you can't change you club preference, however, if you would like to change please click here. You may also request to change information by emailing wineclub@stjulian.com or calling by 800.732.6002 ext. 785.

How much does shipping cost? 

As wine club members you receive a $5 shipping discount from our normal rates. Rates depend on state and bottle quantity.  Please visit www.stjulian.com/shipping for more information.

How often will I receive shipments?

Every 3 months; in the months of February, May, August & November.

Can I use my discount the day I sign up?

Yes; upon signing up please notify the staff at the register and you will receive your discount of 15% for 2 and 4 bottle club members and 20% for 6 bottle club members off wine, juice, & spirits as well as 10% off all merchandise.

What is the cost of each shipment?

Cost will vary, however, the shipments tend to range as follows:

  • 2 Bottles - $25 - $55
  • 4 Bottles - $55 - $95
  • 6 Bottles - $75 - $125
    *Pricing does not include shipping.  Subject to change.

I lost my membership card; can I get a new one?

Although a membership card is not required while visting a tasting room, it does help.  If you need a replacement card please fill out this form.

Can I cancel anytime?

Upon signing your wine club application you are liable for one shipment. If you wish to cancel you may do so, however, it must be 30 days prior to the next shipment or you will be responsible for that shipment as well.

To cancel please click here.