' St. Julian Winery - Tasting Room Etiquette

Tasting Room Etiquette

St. Julian Winery Tasting Room Etiquette:

To make your experience as enjoyable as possible, we ask that you read over the following points. Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy our tasting rooms.
  • Please appoint a designated driver prior to arrival, and drink responsibly – By state law we are not allowed to serve visibly intoxicated people, regardless of who is driving.
  • Please schedule ahead – If you plan to visit our tasting rooms with a group of 8 or more individuals, you will need to call ahead and schedule an arrival time. Please give us as much notice as possible, our reservations fill quickly. See our group policy here for more information.
  • Please keep your voice to a speaking volume - No screaming or shrieking is necessary. In general, please remember that the tasting room is an educational arena, not a bar.
  • Please wait to be served - If the tasting room is busy, please be patient. An experienced server will wait on you at the earliest opportunity.
  • Please do not smoke or wear heavy perfume/cologne – Strong odors present within a tasting room will limit an individual’s ability to fully comprehend wine during sampling.
  • Please place your cell phone on vibrate - If you are unable to avoid a phone call please excuse yourself from the tasting room.
  • Please remember children are welcome; we have a juice list for them to sample from, however, please keep an eye on them; there are many delicate items in the tasting rooms.

What to Expect in the Tasting Room

  • As you enter the tasting room head for the tasting bar. A host will greet you and get you started with a wine glass.
  • White wines are tasted first, followed by red wines, and then dessert wines.
  • Taste each wine carefully and savor each sip. See our page on the proper way to taste wine.
  • Most wineries will have a sheet of tasting notes, or a detailed wine list to follow. Read the tasting notes as you taste and see if you notice any of the aromas or flavors listed in the notes.
  • It is okay to skip any of the wines on the tasting list. Some individuals prefer to taste only the reds. Some may be interested in tasting only certain varietals of wine.
  • Normally you would not ask for a second taste of one particular wine unless you indicate that you are interested in purchasing the wine.
  • You do not have to drink all the wine in your glass. Toss the unwanted wine in your glass into the dump bucket provided for this purpose.
  • A neutral food will be provided such as plain crackers. The purpose of the food is to clear the palate after tasting each particular wine.
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For our Group Policy including limos and buses please click here.