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Sausage Risotto

Sausage Risotto

Recipe by St. Julian


1 lb Italian Sausage, Casing Removed
1 Bunch Green Onions, Chopped
3 Cloves Garlic, Chopped
1 ¼ Cups Medium Grain White Rice
3 ½ Cups Low-Salted Chicken Broth
1 Cup ST. J Pinot grigio
1 ½ Cups Grated Parmesan (or Asiago) Cheese
½ Cup Fresh Italian Parsley, Chopped
¼ Cup Fresh Basil, Chopped
Salt & Pepper to Taste


Break up sausage and sauté with onions and garlic over medium heat until onions are tender. Add rice and stir for a minute. Add the broth. Reduce heat to low and simmer until broth is absorbed, stirring frequently, about 7 minutes longer. Mix with ¾ Cup of cheese and add Parsley and Basil. Season with salt and fresh ground pepper. Transfer risotto to large bowl. Pass the remaining cheese separately.

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