' St. Julian Winery - Pink


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Dry - Rosé
This Rosé style captures the bright berry flavors of summer. Bursting with aromas of fresh, ripe cherries and strawberries it is the perfect wine for sipping on the patio.
$19.99 | $12.99 per Bottle
Sweet - Pink
A mild berry, fresh fruit taste with just the right amount of the famous spicy Catawba grape sweetness.
$7.99 per Bottle
Sweet - Rosé
Strawberry-cherry aromas & very fruity flavors.
$12.99 per Bottle
Semi-Dry - Pink
A fruity, light wine with flavors of ripe strawberries, cherries, raspberries, peaches and tropical fruit.
$7.99 per Bottle
Sweet - Rosé
This sweet Rosé has floral aromas that mix with notes of ruby red grapefruit. Flavors of strawberry, candy, and watermelon reveal themselves on the palate and concludes with a refreshing finish.
$9.99 per Bottle