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Party Penguins

Party Penguins

Recipe by Laura Kurella

At a Glance

Serves: 26


26 Jumbo Black olives, pitted (approximately 1 can)
26 medium Black olives, pitted
4 ounces Neufchatel cheese
1 whole carrot
26 toothpicks with frills


Drain and rinse olives well then drain again. Slice carrot, being sure to get 26 , 1/8-inch thick slices then, using a knife, cut a small triangle piece out of each carrot slice and set it aside. Take a jumbo olive in hand, make a slit in olive— from top to bottom then using a small knife, scoop up some cheese and press into the slit to fill olive with cheese and create the white belly of the penguin.


Take a medium olive in hand and make a small horizontal slit in it then, squeezing opposite ends of slit, place small triangular piece of carrot in the incision to create the penguin’s beak.  Using both hands, assemble penguin by centering jumbo cheese-stuffed olive– pit hole facing down— over cut carrot slice, then with other hand, place medium, beaked olive over jumbo olive– pit hole facing down. Take frilled toothpick and plunge it through top of penguins head and straight down firmly until it pierces the carrot slice feet. Cover then chill until use.
Approximate servings per recipe: 26. Per serving: Calories 37; Fat 3g; Sodium 143mg; Carbohydrates 2g;  Fiber 0g;  Sugar 0g; Protein 0.5g.  

Sweet Penguin Variation
To Neufchatel cheese add 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar and . teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. Blend well until fully incorporated. Substitute black grapes for olives and, following the same assembly instructions as above—including the carrot—assemble into sweet penguins. This recipe is especially good in the summer time when penguins are frozen.

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