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Sweet - Red
This sweet red wine is filled with aromas of fresh berry and cherry. A succulent entry leads to a fruity medium body of raspberry, plum, and blackberry flavors with a sweet, refreshing finish. A delightful wine that is sure to sweeten up any occasion!
$9.99 per Bottle
Sweet - White
Elegant, fruity aromas of papaya, peach custard, and honey with a fruity light-to-medium body. A long, enjoyable finish of juicy apricot sorbet, green apple skin, and a tart citrus. Fantastically balanced and utterly delicious, this wine is a super refreshing and fruity, crowd pleasing sipper.
$9.99 per Bottle
Sweet - Rosé
This sweet Rosé has floral aromas that mix with notes of ruby red grapefruit. Flavors of strawberry, candy, and watermelon reveal themselves on the palate and concludes with a refreshing finish.
$9.99 per Bottle